CBCG provides task based support services in the areas of nuclear and energy related project engineering, project management, technology assessment, concept design and system configuration development, and decision process methodology and implementation. CBCG evaluates our component design performance in our engineering test center, currently supporting innovative nuclear fuel design concepts for deep burn, fast reactor fuel.

CBCG’s senior staff have prepared plant engineering and site strategic planning documents, project baseline plans and performance assessment programs, supported clients in regulator and management audits, and developed technology development roadmap documents and facility readiness assessment reports.

A typical CBCG technical staff member will have over 35 years of nuclear facility experience in reactor plant engineering or operations, nuclear fuels fabrication and performance assessment, or nuclear materials handling and remedial clean-up. Our typical staff member holds an advanced technical degree with a third of our staff members holding PhDs or multiple advanced degrees.

Typical Projects have included:

•  Nuclear Plant Systems design for the TerraPower Traveling Wave Reactor. CBCG has supported several design iterations and concept studies for this innovative, advanced reactor power plant, which employs a sodium cooled, fast spectrum, long-lived core. The work has involved plant systems, operations planning, and fuels configuration concepts.

•  Technology Readiness Assessment and preparation of the Technology Development Roadmap for the Advanced Recycle Reactor (sodium cooled fast spectrum reactor) for power generation and nuclear waste burn-up. CBCG was a member of EnergySolutions, Inc.’s team under the USDOE’s Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) Program.

•  Nuclear facility reuse assessment for the USDOE’s GNEP Program. CBCG proposed and was contracted to evaluate the potential for restart of the Hanford Fast Flux Test Facility, a 400MW(t), sodium cooled, fast spectrum test reactor to demonstrate a closed nuclear fuel cycle, including waste transmutation, extended life fuel, and fuel recycle.

•  Nuclear and mixed-waste clean-up program planning and management. CBCG managed the program planning, selected and designed clean-up technologies, and supported operations for the retrieval and transfer of mixed hazardous and radioactive wastes from the Hanford underground storage tanks for processing and immobilization.



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